Poor cellular network irks Sanat Nagar, Dobi Ghat residents

Residents of Dobi Ghat, Hazratbal and Sanat Nagar localities of Srinagar have complained about poor mobile and internet service.

Delegation from these city areas told Greater Kashmir that the consumers have to face a plethora of problems due to poor network.    

“In the face of poor communication provided by the cellular operators, the consumers of Dobi Ghat have to undergo a great deal of trouble. The poor network is a constant inconvenience for the consumers,” said a resident, Wasim Ahmad, who was leading the Dobi Ghat delegation. 

The residents have urged upon the cellular operators to address their problem on priority. “We are looking forward to prompt action with regard to our problem,” the delegation said.     

The subscribers of Sanat Nagar alleged that even under the very nose of the towers, they are unable to receive network, use internet and make calls.  “The internet service is neither any better. Either internet speed is too slow or the service does not work most of the times,” said a resident of Sanat Nagar.

They said that despite repeated requests to the officials of cellular operators, the service has not improved.

A delegation of subscribers from the area said that the network connectivity is very weak and hence they are not been able to make net transactions and students are not able to make their projects.

They appealed the concerned people to look into the matter and direct concerned officials to fix the problem without any further delay.