SBI customers, govt employees face heat of strike in Kashmir

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Apr 3: The indefinite strike by the employees of the State Bank of India (SBI) has evoked massive resentment from the central government employees operating their accounts with various branches of SBI in Kashmir.
Sources said with over fifty branches of the SBI operating in Kashmir, a large number of central government employees have been operating accounts with its branches.
The salary of the employees who have opened their accounts in different branches of SBI gets credited into their accounts at the end of every month. “The employees of the SBI may have some genuine demands, but their indefinite strike affects us because we could not withdraw our salaries,” says Tariq Ahmad Officer Incharge, Press Information Bureau, here.
Many customers of the bank told Greater Kashmir that the ATMs of the bank could not mitigate their suffering neither could they prove a viable alternative for withdrawing the money during strike. “When the transactions were not processed at the bank at the very first place, how can we withdraw the money from the ATM,” said an employee.
Many customers complained that the ATMs of the bank do not have enough money to cater to the demands of all customers intending to withdraw cash.
“Although the Bank has around fifty branches in Kashmir it has just three ATMs that too in Srinagar city only. So it is not possible that all the customers can withdraw their money from these ATMs. Most particularly the customers living in rural areas are bound to face difficulties,” says an employee.
A manager of SBI on condition of anonymity admitted that the employees and general customers of the bank are facing problems. “There is no doubt that the customers operating their accounts with SBI are facing problems, but at the same time our demands are genuine and customers would have to bear with us,” he said.
The manager said that the Bank treats its customers as ‘god’ but at this moment there is no alternative except to launch the strike.