Sikh community stage protest against farm laws

The United Sikh Forum Association (USFA) today staged a protest here against newly introduced farm laws.

Scores of Sikh Forum Association members, under the banner of USFA Kashmir assembled at Press Enclave in support of agitating farmers who have been holding protests in five northern states against three farm laws.

Spokesman of the USFA, Bikram Singh said, “we demand a special session of Parliament to revoke the new farm laws as the laws in the current format will not benefit the farmers but the major corporations.”

“We have gathered here today to protest against the bills that will result in the major corporations taking over independent farming communities and diluting the market value of crops for farmers,” he said.

Leaders of the Sikh community expressed their solidarity with the protesting farmers and said that they will continue to fight till the farmers get justice.

“We appeal to the government to immediately abolish the farm laws. This is a major movement and the government needs to listen as there is no livelihood for the millions of people relying on farming as a source of income for generations,” they added.

Meanwhile activists of J&K Kisan Tehreek, also held a similar demonstration in Press Colony Srinagar. General Secretary Kisan Tehreek Ghulam Nabi Malik in a statement said that “these new agri-laws passed in the Parliament in a brazen anti-democratic manner preventing a structured discussion and voting, will threaten India’s food security, destroy Indian agriculture and our farmers, lay the basis for the abolishment of the Minimum Support Price and mortgage Indian agriculture and our markets to the caprices of multi-national agri-business corporates and domestic corporates.”