Soaring prices: People in Ramban demand regular market checks

Residents of district Ramban on Wednesday complained of soaring prices while alleging the administration for looking other way while the people suffer.

The residents said while the prices of the essentials particularly vegetables and other edibles have reached unimaginable levels, the district administration has failed to conduct market checks or any other measure for keeping the prices of vegetable, fruits and other commodities under control.

 Shopkeepers dealing with food and vegetables are selling rotten vegetables, fruits and over dated eatables at the exorbitant rates to the consumers in all towns of the district.

“The officials of Food Safety, LMD and CAPD never bother to conduct surprise inspection or lifted samples of food articles,” said Farooq Ahmad, a resident of the Ramban town.

The Dhabs and Restaurants running on highway are in unhygienic condition and the food served to the consumers is not of good quality. 

Similarly, the vendors selling ice cream are playing with the health of children and the mid day meal served to the students and nutrition in Anganwari Centers is also of sub standard quality allege the residents.