'Surplus staff' of ailing JK Cements deployed in Geology and Mining Deptt

Industries and Commerce Department on Tuesday announced deployment of ‘all surplus staff’ of ailing J&K Cements Limited to Geology & Mining Department.

According to an order, “Surplus staff of J&K Cements Limited and Handicrafts (S&E) Corporation to be deployed to Geology & Mining for a period of one year or till these posts are filled up on regular basis.”

The state-owned PSU, which was once a profit making cement manufacturer, JK Cements is running in losses for some time now and has dropped the production.

Bashir Ahmad Sheikh, Zahoor Ahmad Mir, Sajid Hamid Malik, Mohd. Iqbal Sheikh, Tariq Ahmad Margay, Malik Mohd. Sarfaraz, Manzoor Ah. Kuchay, Meeraj-Ud-Din Bhat, Parvez Ahmad Pandow, Shakeel Ahmed Ahanger, Asrar Hussain Bhat, Meeraj-Ud-Din Bhat, Wajahat Rashid Wani, Sarwar Ibraheem Nazir, Ahmad Rather, and Showkat Ahmad Bahadur has been deployed in Geology and Mining Department from JK Cements. Farooq Ahmad Dar from JK Cements Ltd has been deployed in Handloom Development. Firdous Ahmad Khan of   JK Handicrafts (S&E) Corporation Ltd deployed in JKTPO while Mohammad Shafi Bhat of JK Handicrafts (S&E) Corporation Ltd posted in HK IT Infrastructure Development Corporation.

The salary of these officials shall be drawn as per the LPC and without any deputation/deployment allowance.

COLA/DA shall be paid at the rates, as was being paid to them and the subsequent release of COLA/DA shall be applicable to them as and when the same is released by the concerned corporation or organization. No arrears on account of pay or COLA/DA shall be paid in favour of these officials by the government. The salary shall be released in favour of these officials from the date they join duties.

They shall retain lien in their parent corporation or organization.

The above arrangement shall be reversible without any notice; and the posts vacated by the officials shall be deemed to have been frozen and shall not be filled up by promotion or by direct recruitment.