Trade unions call for nationwide strike on Nov 26

Trade unions on Friday gave a call for a nationwide strike on November 26 to protest against the government policies.

The decision to go on strike was taken during an online or virtual National Convention of Workers on October 2, 2020, as per a declaration adopted by ten central unions and their associates.

“The Convention calls upon all the working people, whether unionised or not, affiliated or independent, whether from organised sector or unorganised sector, to intensify the united struggle against the anti-people, anti-worker, anti-farmer and anti-national policies of the government and make the call for a countrywide general strike on 26th November 2020 a total success,” it said. 

The National Convention Of Workers organised online jointly by the Central Trade Unions and independent Federations/Associations for the first time amid the pandemic.

While all indicators pointed to economy drastically slowing down due to lack of demand, the government continued to steer its policies in the name of “ease of doing business”, aggravating widespread impoverishment and deepening the crisis further, the unions alleged.