Ahead of Eid, Bhaderwah markets abuzz with shoppers

Ahead of Eid, Bhaderwah markets abuzz with shoppers

Ahead of auspicious Eid-ul-Fitr Festival, all the markets and shopping centres of Chenab Valley, especially open market of Bhaderwah town, the largest open market of Chenab Valley, have been witnessing heavy rush. 

Keeping in view the heavy rush, markets open very early in the morning, especially open market at historical Seri Bazaar. 

Shoppers from different areas of Bhaderwah, Bhalla,Thathri and Gandoh throng fashion houses, boutique shops, grocery shops, gift corners and kiosks. The rush continues till evening. 

People can be seen busy in purchasing readymade clothing, crockery, electronics, eatables and other goods. 

The Ganpat Market, Khalro Market and  Sadar Bazaar are also abuzz with shoppers. 

“The Eid rush picks up in the last 10 days of Ramadhan, but this year, it is only during the last three days that the rush has started picking up. Seri Bazaar is the main hub of shopping in Chenab Valley and people from all walks of life come here to purchase clothes, shoes, grocery and other items," said Nasir K Shah, a local from Qilla Mohalla Bhaderwah. 

Not only Muslims, but a large number of non-Muslims also wait eagerly for Pre-Eid shopping as one can get clothes, crockery, readymade and electronics at cheaper prices than the routine days. 

"We keep on waiting for this festival whole year because we get readymade garments, crockery and electronics at very cheap rates that too in an open market. We do shopping for the whole family and almost for a year," said a shopper Vijay Nath of Mathola, Bhaderwah.

“It has become a kind of tradition in Bhadarwah that thousands of people throng the markets before Eid as they feel confident that they will get a better deal during these days", said a businessman of Bhaderwah. 

Apart from local businessmen, dozens of vendors from neighboring states including Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana are also doing brisk business. 

“Our group consists of 10 vendors and we are mainly dealing in clothing, readymade garments and spices. All of us are doing very good business at Bhaderwah", said a vendor from Punjab, Sham Lal.

In view of the huge rush, Police has issued a special plan to decongest the main hub for smooth regulation of traffic and the commoners.