Airlift us back home: Polly duty officials from snow-bound areas

The employees of several government departments Saturday staged a protest against the administration, here at mini-secretariat, seeking immediate airlifting of all government officials who were transported to Kishtwar from snow-bound areas via heli-service for poll duty.

“We were called for poll duties from snow-bound areas. We followed orders and reached Kishtwar via heli-service arranged by the government. Now that polling has ended, the government has left us in the lurch. As the roads to our villages remain blocked due to accumulation of snow, we are stuck here,”a government teacher from snow-bound Marwah, Nasir Hussain, told Greater Kashmir.

The protesters alleged that administration transported nearly 100 employees of various departments from Marwah, Warwan and Dachan for poll related duties of parliamentary elections to Kishtwar and Inderwal assembly segments.

“All the roads leading to the sub-division remain closed. While the polling staff was airlifted to district headquarters, they have now been left to fend for themselves. How is thus justice?” Musharraf Hussain, district general secretary JKRETTF, said, while demanding immediate airlifting of these employees back home, as their absence would severely hamper administration in their respective area.

He said, “Most of the schools in their areas will remain closed if the employees are not sent home.”

The protesters raised slogans against administration and demanded it to airlift them at an earliest. They threatened to boycott election duties in the future, if their issue is not redressed.