Balmatkote reels under darkness

Balmatkot area in Mahore sub-division is reeling under darkness as officials have failed to repair their damaged transformer.

Locals alleged that their transformer was damaged a month ago due to which they are in complete darkness. They said PDD employees   took it down but after that neither the transformer was taken for repair nor another transformer was provided.

Mufti Muhammad Iqbal, a local resident, while talking to Correspondent, said that they are without electricity for a month due to which they are facing various difficulties.

The transformer supplies electricity to more than 50 houses, but people have been facing severe hardships for a month this winter, locals said. In this regard, when the correspondent spoke to JE  RanjitRathore, he said that this transformer was of 25 KV and the load on it was very high so now a 33 KV transformer has been arranged for them.

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