GDC Kishtwar students stage protest
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GDC Kishtwar students stage protest

The students of Government Degree College (GDC) Kishtwar Wednesday staged a protest against the college administration for allegedly "not paying heed to their plea regarding hoisting the National Flag in the college".

Some students assembled outside the college gate and lodgedtheir protest, besides resorting to sloganeering. During the protest, some ofthe protesters climbed on top of the pillars of the college gate and hoistedthe National Flag.

Akshad Dhar, a 2nd year student, alleged, "We had submitteda written plea to the principal a few days ago regarding the hoisting of theNational Flag in the college, but no serious attention has yet been paid to it.That is why the students voluntarily hoisted the National Flag on top of theentering gate on Wednesday."

Another 2nd year student, Jitender, claimed, "There is needto spread nationalism at every educational institution in the state. This couldbe a best answer to Pakistan, who wants to induce militancy in our nation."

However, some students, who were not part of the protest,had a different take on the issue.

Ankit Thakur, a 1st year student, said that the major issueof college is the lack of teaching staff. "The core issues need to be addressedfirst. Once we are fully equipped with all that we need, we can go ahead andhoist the Flag at every nook and corner of the college," he said.

"My father had undertaken a loan from the bank for mystudies. I have come here to study. I hail from a far-flung area (Padder) and Ifirmly believe that education is the only means to help take the nation ahead.The college needs to first concentrate on providing best facilities and therest will automatically follow," Shahid Hussain, a 1st year student, said,adding that he wants the core issues, which directly affect the students'future, to be addressed before everything else.

Another 1st year student, Suhaib Aslam, said that somestudents had submitted an application regarding hoisting the National Flag,while others had made a plea for hoisting the State Flag in the college. "Boththe pleas need to be considered as J&K is the only state that has twoflags," he said.

On being contacted, Pawan Kumar, college principal, said,"An application was received on Tuesday regarding hoisting of the National Flagin the college, which is yet to be decided. The college administration willconsider the demand of students as soon as possible."

Talking about Wednesday's protest, Kumar said, "Such anincident was witnessed for the first time in the college. It happened becauseof a few outsiders, who tried to provoke students, resulting in a protest. Ihave spoken to police authorities to identify the outsiders as soon aspossible."

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