Hailstorm wrecks havoc in upper reaches of Reasi district

Heavy rainfall coupled with hailstorm damaged standing crop of maize in the upper reaches of Reasi district on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the hailstorm damaged the standing crop of maize and other fruits and vegetables spread over acres of land in Angralla, Dewal, Gulabgarh, Ladh, Shadol, Lar, Khor, Nihoch, Shabrass, Badder, Balmatkote, Bagodass, Manjijote, Bagankote, Dandakote, Channa, Shikari, Thiloo, Thuroo, Jamaslan, Chillad, Sajroo, Bathoi and other villages.

People affected by the hailstorm demanded that they should be compensated for the losses they have suffered on account of damage to their standing crop.  

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