In Mahore, students, cattle share same premises

In a bizarre development, Government Primary School Dewal Bachala of Zone Mahore which was established in 2004 is functioning from cattle shelter.

“16 years on this school is still waiting for its building and the government doesn’t do anything in this regard,” locals said. “There are more than 30 students studying in this school who have two teachers to teach,” they said, adding “It is unfortunate our school children have to share the premises with the cattle.”

Locals said that it is unfortunate that the students of this school are forced to study in the cattle shelter. “Surprisingly, the students study in this building during the day and cattle live in this building at night,” locals said.

Nazir Ahmad, a local, told Greater Kashmir that the government on the one hand makes loud claims about education, but looking at this school, it seems that the government’s claims are false. Locals said that although it is sometimes sunny or rainy, teachers are forced to take leave.

They alleged so far, no senior education department official has come to the spot to inspect the condition of the school. “Condition of this so called school has deteriorated further during the lockdown.”

Zonal Education Planning Officer Mahore, Qamar Din Jaral, told Greater Kashmir that there are many such schools in Mahore Zone without buildings. “I have informed the top officials of the department.   As soon as the funds for the construction of the building come, the buildings of these schools will be constructed.”