Julla bridge over Chenab cries for repair

Inhabitants of Maitra Parnote Sumbar Kanga and other areas have expressed strong resentment over the poor condition of Julla bridge over river Chenab in Ramban area.

The people complained that despite the bridge being declared unsafe for vehicular traffic, hundreds of light vehicles and two wheelers are plying freely on it.

The steel and wooden bridge constructed over Chenab by PWD in 1964 and later handed over to BEACON is the only link between Sub Division Gool and some areas of Banihal and Ramban tehsils

Bridge thus serves a link between scores of villages and some Panchayats of Banihal tehsil.  The bridge has been in a dilapidated condition and as such it can pose a serious threat to safety of passengers travelling in vehicles on it.

The inhabitants have demanded immediate repairs.