Kishtwar: PHE deptt resumes work on languishing projects

The challenge of making provision of adequate water supply in this water scarce district during and post COVID19 lockdown was successfully met owing to the efforts put in by the PHE department.

The department managed the smooth supply of water as pandemic necessitated the same to maintain physical hygiene by frequent hand washing and cleanliness of daily usage items.

The department also made all necessary arrangements for supply of clean and fresh drinking water to minimize chances of spread of other water borne diseases.

“March and April in this area witness torrential rains and it was a challenging task for the department to ensure uninterrupted supply of water as damage to the gravity lines passing through the forest and rocky areas due to landslide becomes inevitable,” said senior PHE official, NK Gupta.

For this reason, the water tanker arrangements were made for maintaining supply to the shortage prone areas such as main town and adjoining areas, he said.

To overcome problem of shortage of workforce,   field functionaries were camped near the work places and the movement passes were issued   to ensure uninterrupted execution of essential works.

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