Larh to Balmatkote: Road that never completes

Admin begins construction in 2008, fails to incomplete project
Larh to Balmatkote: Road that never completes

Scores of people are up in arms against the government for failing to provide road connectivity to Larh to Balmatkote in sub division Mahore as people alleged that it is a road that would never see its completion.

Meanwhile officials blamed those people and "miscreants" for hindering the process of road construction since 2008 when administration started constructing it.

"This road (Larh to Balmatkote) unfortunately has been under construction since 2008 and has been left incomplete midway," alleged an aggrieved group of locals.

According to the locals, this road (a 6 kilometre km stretch from Larh to Balmatkote)

Was undertaken by the Public Works Department. They said that the road was constructed two kilometers in 2008-09 and then another two kilometers in 2017, but the limit is that even after 13 years, the road could not be completed, while the four kilometers were built.

Mubarak Malik, a local resident, told Greater Kashmir that they had told PWD officials about the road problem several times but they had received nothing but false assurances.

According to the locals, although the tender for this road was held in 2008, 13 years have passed but the work of the road has not been completed.

The locals have demanded the top officials of the PWD department to complete the road immediately so that they do not face any more difficulties.

Executive Engineer, PWD, Davinder Singh told Greater Kashmir that when the department had the funds, people did not allow them to work on this road at that time.  The road was not allowed to be constructed. He said that they do not have the funds yet. He assured that when funds will be released they will start work on this road.

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