M A Mir quits BJP

The district General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party’s Minority Morcha, Mohammad Ashraf Mir, resigned from the party, here in Kishtwar on Sunday.

Mir, while talking to Greater Kashmir, said, “I joined BJP as I was convinced that the party would work for welfare, development, progress, brotherhood, peace and unity. But now, I have realized that all these assurances were nothing but a damp squib.”

While listing out the reasons behind his decision, Mir alleged, “The biggest reason is that BJP has neglected the welfare and progress of a minority community in the district.”

Mir, who joined BJP in 2014 and was appointed as the general secretary of the party’s Minority Morcha in Kishtwar, further said, “I was promised that the party would work for the welfare and development of the minority community, but nothing has been done. They only make promises. I, therefore, decided to quit BJP, instead of being at the receiving end of more fake promises.”