Torrential rain triggers flash flood in Bhaderwah village

Torrential rain in the afternoon hours coupled with cloudburst wreaked havoc in Hanga area of Bhaderwah, as it triggered flash floods, damaged standing maize crop and a portion of Gatha-Hanga road, thus disconnecting 2500 population from rest of the district.

“The torrential rains coupled with strong winds that started at 5.30 pm on Monday, damaged several Kanals of standing maize crop in at least half a dozen villages of Hanga-Noori Panchayat beside washing away about 100 meter road portion as Hanga Nullah overflow the culvert perhaps due to cloud burst ,” said Dev Rattan of Village Hanga.

“Dozens of students and villagers have got stranded on either side of the road as there is flood like situation in Hanga Nullah but surprisingly, no one from the additional district administration has so far come here,” alleged Master Tek Chand, another elderly villager.

“This is the result of official apathy and because of the indifferent attitude of the political representatives towards us, as we have been demanding bridge for the last two decades but nothing has been done so far, thereby leaving the poor population to face the consequences during natural calamities,” said Sher Singh of Village Hanga.

The 6 Km stretch connecting Hanga, Noori, Thamli, Baadwa, Dharann, Chak-Katoch, Dhalo, Bhalian and Badote of Hanga-Noori Panchayat, boasts of odd 2500 populace with more than 1400 electors.

Villagers say that they are afraid to use the 6 Km long road that leads to Bhadarwah town. “The road which was built in the beginning of 60s by forest department for transportation of timber was easily maneuverable, as heavy trucks use to move on this road, but today, complete road is damaged and filled with potholes and debris,” one of them said.