Jhelum View Park turning into favorite spot for students bunking classes

The famous Jhelum View Park along the Bund here has become a favorite spot for school-going students who bunk their classes.

Every day scores of students in their uniform are seen roaming idle or sitting in groups inside the Park, during school hours.

“Students have become habitual of spending their entire day in the park. It seems the schools authorities don’t pay any heed to their absence from classes,” said a shopkeeper at the Bund. “I see many of these students every day here.”

Besides this park, students are also seen roaming in Pratap Park during school hours. The move has raised question over the administration of the schools.

“The concerned schools should act strict against these students for remaining absent,” said Muhammad Ibrahim, a resident of The Bund.

In the past, the schools would rusticate the students who don’t attend their classes for consecutive seven days. “This practice was later done away with because if the students are rusticated from schools the authorities at school department raise questions over decreasing enrollment,” said a school head wishing not to be named.

The chief education officer (CEO) Srinagar said he has instructed school heads to take necessary measures against students found absent.

“Many students bunking their classes and found roaming along the Bund have been identified,” reads a circular issued by the CEO.

The heads of the institutions have been asked to inform the parents of students who are found often missing from classrooms.