Editorial | Are we doomed?

Dysfunction in international systems finally results in some catastrophe

Any discrepancies in a system if neglected for too long a time finally corrupts the system. This is true for all systems – local, regional or global. Our immediate history tells us how the dysfunctionality of international systems resulted into large scale human miseries. The problems like poverty, racism, malnutrition, gender inequality, and violence are manifestations of systemic failures. None of these can be addressed in isolation, and no solutions to any of these global problems can be forthcoming if the rot at the systemic level is not identified, and then sincere attempts made to fix that rot. Easier said than done, this romance with idealism should not turn into a wishful thinking. Finally it is not the poets who run the world, politicians do. And in politics things are brute, nasty, and very complex. It is not easy to move the levers of global politics. It is a daunting task. In the current scenario we even don't have leaders on the global scene who could talk about the values that gave both to the modern democratic, liberal world.

There is paucity of ideas as well. It looks as if we are at the end of the rope, God forbid. The way global leaders, and the global powers are behaving right now, it looks that mankind is on a precipice where a slight push can send it all on a nihilistic downslope. At a time when the world is faced with a deadly pandemic and everything has come to a halt, one can sense how the accumulated conflicts are acquiring a new dynamic, and how things can explode any moment. This must set us all, peoples in the world, thinking. The result of any violent confrontation in the world, and the pointers are that it can happen in our region, can only be disastrous. There will be no winners as peoples all around will finally bear the brunt of the madness of the powers that run our political and economic systems. A world where nations measure their pride by the capacity to wage war is only doomed. For how many decades, and to what scale, have the states been investing in weapons, and weapon systems. In this, a single spark will certainly turn the whole world into ashes.    

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