Editorial | Avoid gatherings

In Kashmir, the covid crisis are only compounding by the day. Though for all these months we have seen media highlighting various issues related to this crisis, but unfortunately people still don’t open up their eyes to look the monster in the eye. It has been reported that at many places marriage ceremonies were held without taking any precautions, and that resulted into dozens of people getting infected. One has to suspend belief that even in this situation some people invite large number of friends and relatives at marriage ceremonies. In this situation when social distancing is required to be followed strictly how do some people resort to this stupidity. It is true that celebrations are a part of human life. But these are unusual times and all that we normally do in our lives would get affected. The government had made repeated appeals on this count; there was an advisory of sorts to limit the number of guests so that this infection can be kept at bay. People should have understood it, and strictly adhered to the guidelines, but shockingly some people don’t even have regard for common sense. After all by gathering friends and relatives on marriage ceremonies we endanger our own families. Family members and the relatives are the first target of this violation.

There should have been no need to emphasise this, and ensure that minimum number of people gather on such occasions, but looking at the behaviour of some families, government must come into action. The message must get across loud and clear that large gathering are a threat to not just the families but beyond as well. It should be considered as a public hazard and dealt with accordingly. People also should understand that these are very difficult times and all our normal activities should be tailored afresh to suit the present conditions. If it is unavoidable to hold such ceremonies, certain things should be kept in mind. One, reduce the number of guests to minimum possible. Two, don’t invite all the guests at the same time. Three, those who stay for longer time, ensure they maintain social distance. Four, change the arraignment of serving food. If a little bit of care is taken we can save our lives.