Editorial | Back to basics

A stitch in time saves nine is a worn out line. Here is how it applies to our situation. A mask on face saves your body from lying down on a ventilator. It’s not a hyperbole. At times a simple precaution saves us from a serious ailment. In the times of pandemic if we ensure following precautionary measure, which doesn’t cost us much in any way, we can save ourselves from getting infected. And if we save ourselves from getting infected we can save our families from getting infected. Just imagine how much agony does it mean if you get infected and then you carry the virus to your family. So the choice is very simple, very obvious, and very easy to make. Follow physical distancing, wash hands frequently, don’t move out from you houses unless required, and always wear a mask when you move out. If there is a strict adherence to these standard practice we can reduce the chances of infection significantly. Now that we know we cannot afford a complete lockdown anymore because of the effects it had at larger level, the administration has decided to relax it gradually and in a qualified manner. Plain mathematics tells us that this can send the number of infected patients shooting up. What can save us are these simple precautions. To this end  government and the civil society now need to gear up.

At the level of civil society we must ensure that no unnecessary meetings and gatherings happen. Also a culture of observing precaution needs to be promoted. People at Mohalla level can start a campaign to sensitise masses on this matter. Also we can contribute to provide masks free of cost. Government also needs to focus on this area. Besides a return to that initial campaign of educating people about the need to following these precautionary measures is needed. Government should start thinking on how masks, sanitisers, and liquid soap can be made available at public places like offices, markets, and other such spaces. If afterwards anyone is found violating the guideline, a fine can also be imposed. But that is only when all other things are accomplished. If there is a choice between arranging a ventilator and a bag of masks, isn’t it better to carry the bag of masks.