Editorial | Beef it up

Now that the offices have been closed in Jammu and the Administration is shifting to Srinagar, the Summer Capital, there is a hope that the dormant system would be woken up to improve the living conditions in the valley. Normally, the entire valley set up especially in the capital city of Srinagar used to be fully active at least a month before the arrival of the “Durbar”. The roads used to be repaired everywhere by filling in pot holes, laying of macadam, wherever required.

Important ones used to be painted with road dividers. The sides used to be decorated with hanging flower pots. The lights used to be made fully functional. However, this year they seem to be in a state of slumber. Probably, pre-occupied with the ongoing Parliament election? The same story of dragging feet exists in every department. The most important one being the irrigation and flood control which has gone totally to sleep creating conditions for another disastrous flood in view of the drastic global climate change.

In the past the administration supervised by the Governor during the Governor’s or President’s Rule used to be fully devoted and geared for improving the living conditions. Be these roads, drains, power, traffic and so on. This practice needs to be repeated till a popular government gets installed after the Assembly election. In a way, the administration needs an injection of adrenalin to wake it up and make it fully functional.

The political problem in Kashmir has been hanging fire for last 70 years or so and there is no likelihood of its getting resolved soon. However, the general living conditions can definitely be improved to make at least the day to day living more comfortable and smooth. Let us hope and pray that the drowsy administration in all spheres is fully woken up and geared to provide relief to the people in every sphere of living. That would be a very welcome gift from the returning “Durbar”!