Editorial | Bringing more distress

Greater Kashmir

In a modern day state the policies and schemes of a government, if it is not related to security, is mostly focussed on financial welfare of the people. The whole idea of development is rooted in creating ease for people, and enhancing chances for earning a decent livelihood. The expansion of the government functioning is also informed by the urge to create more jobs. The introduction of various schemes to create an enabling atmosphere for the industries is also because government wants maximum participation in the wealth generation activities so that more people get to earn. The mega infrastructural projects are taken up to create more workdays for the labour class and pump in more money into markets to boost business activities. In a nutshell creating jobs, of whatever nature, is the  prime focus on any government. The point here is that from last one year we have had many changes at the level of laws, statutes, and also introduction of new frameworks for administration.

The long term effects of these changes will come to the surface up ahead but right now what one would expect is the generation of more work so that people in these tough times can have at least some thing to pin their financial hopes in.  As the government has declared that a package will be announced soon, it is time to talk about those people who have been displaced, or have a danger of getting displaced, because of certain changes carried out in some sectors. We have a huge number of people who are faced with this grim prospect of losing their temporary jobs, or termination of some qualified engagement with the government departments, and that will cause distress to thousands of families. The government, while  framing the policies or introducing new schemes and formats, should take care of these people as well. If someone has been working with some department for years together, and suddenly he is disengaged, what will he do at a time when everything is flattened in terms of job markets. Such things bring more distress to an already stressed society.