Editorial | Death, by other means

GK Photo

In the times when violent conflicts are strewn all over the globe, the deaths caused by bombings, by subversive activities, and by acts of sabotage, get too much of coverage. While it is in the nature of the news that it is optics driven, it puts veil on many other issues. When the covid pandemic struck, the media was completely overtaken by the tiny virus and what it did to the economy and health of the people around the globe. The way we received news of thousands of deaths in the most developed countries of the world it was bound to scare us,  and  also the governments around the world. So the media followed with its mics, lenses, and keyboards.  Here in Kashmir it was no different. We were a part this plagued world, where people went into a sort of hiding to save their lives. The government put the entire focus on how to deal with the pandemic and the associated crises. Even to this day we all wait in the evening to hear from the government on the status of infections, deaths, and lockdown.

But all this while many things have got neglected. As the pandemic crises prolong wisdom lies in striking a balance. There are other affairs too that matter to people. People do not suffer covid pandemic alone. If life matters, it doesn’t matter what causes its loss. What matters is that we lose a life. The point is that in these past weeks we have had some terrible road accidents in which we lost many lives. The rash driving, the unmanned crossroads, the unattended accident prone terrains – all these factors have cumulatively snatched many lives. And in the most spine shattering ways. The departments that are routinely tasked with the maintenance of roads, and manning of traffic on the roads must look into the reasons of these accidents and make some intelligent interventions so that the loss of life is minimised. There are upgraded ways of monitoring roads and also managing traffic. We must benefit from that. After all it hardly matters whether it’s covid that kills or a crash on the road that devastates families. It is the life that finally matters. So beyond covid there are matters that need to be looked into.