Editorial | Don't lower the guard

Health workers disinfect Bahu Bagh area of Jammu in view of Covid-19 pandemic. Mir Imran/GK

As the analysts, academics, and global watchdogs are trying to figure out what kind of future awaits mankind as we move out of this crisis. What kind of a paradigm shift finally occurs will in any case take more time than just getting out of this crisis. As that happens the world will witness it, experience it, and finally deal with the good and bad results. But right now for a place like Kashmir, the people living in it, and the administration that manages the affairs here, it is time to focus on current than distant. We are not out of this crisis. In fact to even think of it in terms of something that will be behind us soon, is not a wise thing. Hope, and actual wrestling with the threat are two different creatures.  As of now we are in lockdown, confined to homes, and defending our lives and that of our families. This task of playing defensive will continue for, God alone knows how much more time. It is time that we rehearse the basics, of hygiene and distancing. It is time we keep ourselves mentally and physically fit. It is time we share time with our children and help them read some good stuff, besides attending to online classes.

It is also time to help anyone in the vicinity who can be helped. This is for a common person to do.  For the administration it is time to think in terms of long run now. The initial fire fighting has no doubt paid. Though we have more cases coming each day, and the government announcements keep us posted on that, but that was given. All said and done, the administration must be applauded for its hard-work, as should be the people for following the advisories. Now this is time for maintaining the guard, and not allowing any thoughts of lowering it come near to ourselves. All the hard work done till now, and all the hardships faced up to this day, will go waste if  we relax the defense.