Editorial | Encouraging Talent

Just recently NEET results were out. Those who made it to the top slots had a reason to be jubilant as they brought smiles to their families and pride to their institutions of learning. Those who couldn’t make it this time may be sad right now, but it is time for them to look into their weaknesses and start afresh. After all no exam signals the end of one’s career. If a student can learn from his failure there is no big achievement than that. Any failure that initiates a process of reflection signals successes. This is at the individual level. At the collective level we need to be part of the celebrations over the individual successes, but beyond that we need to  seriously look into our education, and come forward to fill in the gaps. While we pat the backs of those who performed well, and wish them luck  in future, it is time to take into account the big picture.

Since the nature of education, the pattern of exams, and the level of competition are undergoing change we need to keep track of all these changes so that our students don’t lag behind. It is also time for us to learn from the trends that are prevalent globally. Since the avenues here are not enough to accommodate all our youth, we need to spread ourselves out and look for global opportunities. Our schools and those who teach there need to come forward and broaden the horizon of the students and their parents. We cannot confine ourselves to just the place known as J&K, and just one exam known as NEET. We need go beyond, and conquer new fronts. Our students must know beforehand the entire spectrum of opportunities and also how to avail them. There are a number of professional courses one can opt for, try for a scholarship, and get the wings to fly in the global market of employment. If  our schools invest in counselling and open up new horizons before the students well in advance it can radically change our outlook towards education and employment.