Editorial | Ensure their Safety

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From the day this crisis brought our lives to standstill, some people were exposed to more dangers than the rest of us. Among these, doctors and paramedic staff dealing directly with covid patients are the most vulnerable lot. That was the reason why there were voices from the first day that special care should be taken to safeguard the lives of those who, in this critical time, are saving the lives of others. In the beginning when even PPEs were not available to doctors, they performed their professional duties with great passion. This is the first line of defence in this war against covid. In case their are chinks in this armour the entire edifice of defense will weaken. In this context the news report that five doctors have tested positive for COVID19 in Kashmir’s tertiary-care hospitals, has raised disturbing questions. It has certainly called into question the safety of frontline workers amidst raging COVID19 cases in J&K. We have seen globally that many doctors and paramedics have lost lives while treating others for this disease.

Paying tribute to such brave souls, and praising them for their sacrifices, is not enough. The primary task is to raise the defence, and make available to these doctors whatever is needed in this situation. It has now been some months into this crisis, and if the administration has not done what is required to be done for doctors, it calls for a serious and immediate attention. It is true, that all lives are equal. Anyone who is lost to this pandemic is a precious life. We cannot hierarchize humans when it comes to life. While all efforts should be made to save every single life that can be saved, the situation demands that extra caution be taken in case of doctors and paramedics, because they are in the line of fire, and as long as they are safe they can save more lives. Them getting affected is a very grave issue that needs immediate attention.