Editorial | Ensuring Cybersecurity

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As the world became digital and different kinds of human transactions happened on this invisible medium, the world changed for good. Not only did it change banks and financial institutions, it changed everything. It changed markets, it changed offices, it changed military ops rooms, it changed newspapers, and it changed the home spaces. In a nutshell it brought ease, speed and richness to the human interactions, affecting mankind in a never before way. But with this, surfaced up problems. The evil side of humans could not rest here. The medium was misused, and abused by some individuals and groups to rob people of their money, fiddle negatively with the marketing processes, impinge adversely on the respect and privacy of individuals and families; not just this, even the political processes at the level of nation-states could not remain immune to the criminal elements. The security of different countries is also now threatened because of hacking and other undesired digital interventions. All this entails that the international players get together to ensure that such criminal elements are kept at bay. The states and different political and administrative units within those states also need to make an elaborate arrangement to ensure digital security. In J&K also the volume of digital transactions is very high. The people here do financial transactions online; not only accessing the bank sites to know the status of the account, but making payments.

With the invasion of online business, and Apps to facilitate money transfer, the vulnerability of a common person is more. We have had many cases of online frauds in which people have lost their hard earned money. So if the LG emphasises digital security, it is the  need of the hour. There must be a mechanism to trace the fake and fraud calls, and those who are involved in such calls should be nabbed. The money lost in such cases must be going to one or the other account in some bank. There should be an effective mechanism in place to identify such banks, such accounts, and the individuals who surface up during the investigations. A strong investigative mechanism, and stronger legal provisions to punish the guilty, and compensate the aggrieved, should be the final target.