Editorial | Finally, the vaccine

File Photo: Aman Farooq/GK

After almost a year of unprecedented disturbances, it seems that there is some calm in the sight. The virus that made the world come to a halt, depriving people of life, and jeopardising their livelihood in a manner never known before in the recent past. But now  we have this good news that the vaccine is here, and the first inoculations have been administered.  In the developed part of the world though the process of vaccination began some time earlier, but thus region didn’t remain far too behind. In J&K also the process of vaccination has begun, and one can hope that in next couple of months we will have a sizeable number of our population vaccinated.  Some months back when the world was in the middle of this crisis, everyone prayed for some breakthrough in the medical research, and finally we are here. We can only thank those institutions, and the experts who put in huge effort to prepare a vaccine, and give us a reason to take a sigh of relief. It is time to think positively about this, and pray that there are no spanners thrown in the process.

It is true that the preparation of this vaccine, and the whole process of unrolling it, has been done in the shortest possible time. In fact there are some sections of the experts who have raised some pertinent questions about the standard procedures related to this whole affair. Nevertheless we must understand that the crisis have been unprecedented, the damage to the economy, and the lives of the people, has been so huge that  mankind could not have waited for more time to get a vaccine. So if the things were fast tracked that was in the logic of the things.  Now it is the responsibility of the governments around the world to ensure that the vaccine reaches all the sections of the society, and none is left out. For this, these governments have to think pro-actively and pump in resources and effort into this process of vaccination. But all this while people too have to respond in a sensible way. Without any genuine and credible knowledge we should not create a negative atmosphere about the vaccine. Finally, it is time to remain hopeful of a recovery at a global level.