Editorial | Frozen Turbulence

GK File Photo

Kashmir is a place where many things freeze, and for a long time. It needs real effort to make it all flow. Now take the example of last some days. As the temperature, especially during night hours, dropped well below zero, we have snow outside completely frozen. We wake up in the morning to find the water pipes frozen. When we step outside we have the compounds, pavements, alleys and roads covered with a layer of hard frozen ice. Now take the case of other services, everything is frost bitten. The point is that why everything freezes at a time when people need it the most. True, it is difficult to manage services during this time, but then what are the particular departments meant for. In the length and breadth of Kashmir people are complaining of frozen water supply pipes, people are complaining of roads and alleys covered with rock solid frozen layer of snow, people complained of disturbed power supply, and then also about the shortage of essentials. If this is the situation what were the concerned departments doing in the preceding months.

This chill is not an unknown thing to Kashmir. It is all normal, and the concerned departments should factor that in while laying out the schemes or making arrangements on the ground. As the met department has made a forecast that there will be another spell of snowfall in the valley, what should the people living here now do. We are not out free of the effects that the previous snowfall had on us, and now another spell is here to strike us. If we have a fresh layer on the already banked snow on the roads, what would it mean for the pedestrian movement, and the movement of traffic. In the Srinagar city we witnessed some of the worst traffic jams in the previous days, as there is constricted space on the roads since there are mounds of snow on either side of the roads in the city. Another snowfall will only compound the matters. Had the administration been well prepared, and had the snow been cleared completely from the roads  before it all froze, we could have saved people from the trouble.