Editorial | Global response needed

Greater Kashmir

There are certain problems that can be solved only if the global forces join hands. Not much can be done about these things at lower levels. Take the case of climate change. Any change in this regard can happen only when the global leaders get serious about it. Similarly a disaster like the current pandemic can be controlled only when the political and related leadership at the global level join hands, and start acting in unison. We have witnessed how things were messed up in the beginning because some of the global level leadership acted in brazen disregard what was expected of them as global leaders. In fact there are many global opinion makers who expressed great dismay over the absence of an effective leadership at the time this pandemic struck us. Now that the effects of this pandemic have rattled the global economy it is time that the global leaders sit down and take a stock of the situation, and act beyond the limited nationalistic frameworks. This is not the time when things should be seen in a country-specific paradigm. It is a human catastrophe and it needs a matching response. Like the pandemic and its lethal impact on the economy, there is also a need to attend the rising global tensions on certain contested matters. The way we have seen the world affairs being managed by a new brand of leadership, things are being pushed into a dangers direction. Any mishap can cause us the global stability for which huge investment were made world over in terms of ideas, values, institutions, and practices.

Right now the world is reeling under the shock of the pandemic and its effects, and at the same time there are some forces that are filling the atmosphere with war talk. These forces don’t realise that a military confrontation in this age of high end technology has a potential of wiping out the human race from this plane.  Before making militaristic statements these leaders need to reflect on the after effects of a military clash. And it is here that we are in need of a global leadership that acts sensibly, and upholds the great vision of the greater common good of the humanity.