Editorial | Human lives matter

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In a world that is rife with the ideas of human rights, human development, human happiness index, and human welfare, it is hard to explain why people sill resort to violent means; for whatever ends. It becomes even more difficult to understand why conflicts over land, resource, and political influence, turn into military aggression in a world that boasts of diplomacy. A world that takes pride in transnational institutions like the UN, and a slew of regional organisations, finally fails to settle the conflicts in a peaceful manner. This is a telling indictment of the current global system. Here in our region we have faced many tough situations during the last many decades, where different forces came face to face in a very violent way. Each time there was heavy loss of life and property. Each time a new layer was added to the hostile atmosphere. Although occasionally the regional leadership rose to the occasion and deescalated the crisis, but it never went beyond that. No attempt was made to sustain a process of reconciliation in the face of some ugly incidents.

The grand target of bringing the peoples close in this region was lost sight of and the pressures of the domestic politics prevailed over the bigger, and lofty ideals. The result is in front of us all. We are again facing a prospect of clashes in the region that can, if not handled wisely, lead to some mishap. The case in post is the recent flare up on the LoC. Although there is nothing new in this, and we are now so familiar with this. Nevertheless it points towards a permanent danger that lurks behind, and can anytime push this region into a big catastrophe. To avoid such a scenario it is incumbent on all the persons and institutions who matter in this regard to come forward and act in favour of the larger ideals of peace and prosperity. That alone is the way forward.