Editorial | It’s deeply worrying

Unless we get the facts right, apply right instruments to collate the data, we cannot make right decisions.
Editorial | It’s deeply worrying
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For past some weeks we have witnessed many cases of young people dying of sudden heart attack. There have been many sections of the society now getting alarmed about this trend. Doctors, particularly  those related to stress disorders, have also been talking about this problem on various public platforms. There must be some reasons for these deaths. As a society we should join heads to find out the reasons, and then start approaching the  problem with our eyes wide open. We can no longer turn our gaze away, as this problem is seriously hurting our social fabric. We are losing young lives, and consequently families are getting devastated. Some of the reasons that are being associated with this grave trend are well known and if a concerted effort is made by the government and the civil society, we can expect to save many lives.

If we keep focus on this, and deal with the problem in a professional way, we can succeed in arresting this trend in the long term. One of the cardinal principles of a professional approach is to confirm facts on the ground. All care should be taken not to exaggerate the problem. Because that way we will only be contributing to panic, and this will adversely impact the collective psyche. The second most important ingredient of a professional approach is to allow the specialists to deal with the problem. We have social work practitioners who know how to measure any deviant trend in a society, and how to draw conclusions form it, and how to  later  fix it. Then there are doctors who can treat such patients. Common people should desist talking about these problems at public platforms that causes confusion, and also incriminates whole society. Unless we get the facts correct, and apply right instruments to collate this date, we cannot make right decisions. Then there are problems caused by the pandemic as it devastated the livelihood of many families. As a society we need to seriously think about this, and make right interventions in the society. Just a little help, at right time, can save many families.

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