Editorial | Looking ahead

We are now into another year – 2021. Last year is over, but not actually over. The pandemic, the lockdown, and the devastating consequences that the entire humanity faced from the beginning of the year 2020, are yet to come to an end. The effects of the pandemic have been so devastating that it will take much time for the world to recover. And this process of recovery will actually begin only when the vaccine effectively curbs the deadly virus. But that is a thing still months away. Though one can hope that the efforts of the scientific community bear fruit, but still there is a long way to go. In fact a fresh wave of panic has set in as a new variant of the same virus hit people in UK and is now spread to other countries. it is in the face of the spread of this new variant that there are renewed efforts to impress upon the people to wear masks, and maintain social distance. So effectively the year that is now behind us is actually very much here. This is the time to look back and learn some grand lessons that we learned hard way in the year 2020. The most striking of all the lessons is that we are actually one human family, and the divisions created in the name of nations, states, color, creed, capital, and religion are all superficial and misleading. If we can rise above the differences and start looking at ourselves as one family we can fight the pandemic, and its effects, more effectively.

The second salient lesson is that the resources that we throw into acquiring military equipment is only at the cost of human development. If only a portion of that money was used for the uplift of the poorer sections of the humanity world over, we can almost entirely wipe out poverty. The third significant lesson is that in any global crisis if the leadership of the world remains divided the price is paid by the people world over. This points towards the immense responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the global leadership. Let us hope that in the year 2021, we will have the global leadership behave in more mature way, and the entire human world rises to the challenge as one single family.