Editorial | Make it available

Lockdown or no lockdown, there are certain things that humans cannot live without. Water is one such thing. After all if there is life on this planet it is because there is water. The absence of water simply means that no life is possible. There have been migrations just because humans couldn’t find water at a certain place and went in search of water rich areas. Now imagine a place like Kashmir that is gifted with abundant water resources. This is a place dotted with water bodies. Though it is a sad reality that we have polluted these water bodies and there are some water bodies that have almost dried up. But even then we have enough drinking water resource. If this is so, why do some areas cry for shortage in water supply.

This is a baffling thing and the concerned departments should come forward and answer this question. Greater Kashmir has time and again covered news stories where residents of urban and rural areas complain about shortage in the supply of drinking water. We have occasionally seen people of many areas protesting against the authorities, demanding better water supply. And these public protests is not a feature of any particular area. The question is that if we have huge drinking water resource, and there are a good number of water supply schemes announced by the government from time to time, why is there shortage of drinking water in some areas. Is there a fault in the distribution network. If it is so, who is responsible for that. Or is it that people are using drinking water for other purposes, like watering kitchen gardens, and thus others suffer. In that case who has to ensure that people don’t misuse drinking water. It is true that the population of our rural and urban areas has increased by good measure, and we need more water to feed this population. But then there is scheme after scheme announced, and that is where the concerned authorities need to do some responsible thinking. If there is a problem, someone has to find a solution to it.