Editorial | Monitoring Development

Greater Kashmir

Whatever a government announces in terms of policies and scheme is finally measured against its implementation on the ground. And whatever is implemented after all the deliberations, paper work, and necessary planing, is finally measured against its impact, short term as well as long term. Unless government schemes and development projects are seen in the backdrop of what they finally do to the peopel or the environment in the long run, we can neither update nor rectify the errors. In fact without monitoring, assessment, a regular feedback, and then an efficient mechanism to update, development projects don’t yield the desired effects.  Most of the policies and schemes announced, and rolled out, by different departments fail completely, or don’t meet the target just because there is no efficient monitoring. In today’s competitive and ever improving world of  knowledge, wisdom, methods, and skill, it is extremely crucial for the governments  to have a keen eye on where the policies and schemes are actually going. Are they yielding the desired effects? Are the targets being met? Are the people getting benefitted as was envisaged?

This monitoring would not only help in locating the snags, but simultaneously fixing the troubles. It will also put a pressure on all the tiers of any department to ensure that things go the way they are envisaged to go.  It will make a room for timely interventions, and disallow delays in the benefits reaching the target population. The meeting held at the highest official level to devise a mechanism to dedicatedly monitor the outcomes of developmental works, and achievements registered under various welfare schemes, on a monthly basis, both at UT and district levels, is  a right step. It must be seen that this monitoring actually happens, and its results are felt across departments. If serious and pointed efforts are made in this direction it can go a long way in improving the governance, and also speeding up the the development works. We have usually seen how tardy the progress is on various government projects, some of them completely failing because of the sluggish pace and inefficient implementation. So to improve governance improving the mechanism of monitoring is supremely important.