EDITORIAL | Online Governance

Some years back the binary of on-line and off-line was still a specialised knowledge. Only those associated with professions that were over dependant on computers and internet used it as a sort of professional jargon. But as covid changed the world in many different ways, here also it didn’t leave  the world unchanged. The concept of doing things online reached to the farthest habitats of humans. Technology must not have spread with such a great speed any time in human history. Overnight we had online shoppings, online classes, online consultations, and all kinds of online interactions. In this atmosphere that has now developed, there is an opportunity for the government departments to ease up their functioning and also make things easier for the common people. The directive of the GAD that the departments should upgrade their sites and the content on these should be updated, is a timely note. Though the idea and practice of online governance is not new anymore, we have been lagging far behind in this.

The governments departments should have long back gone online, with all the details about the departments, the staff, and the files that they deal with. An open and transparent governance is always a requirement for any democratic set up. And then it is people’s right to know what is being done in the government departments. In the private sector we see how the online mechanism is functioning so efficiently. The amount of physical interaction is now reduced to minimum. People can follow their files minute to minute and at each stage they are informed through text alerts about the progress on the file. If that system can be copied by the government departments it will reduce burden on many other systems, besides liberating people of physical and mental trauma. So the GAD directive should be followed, and the necessary changes done as quickly as possible. The highest in the rank should ensure that the departments take it seriously and we see a change in the working of these department in near future.