Editorial | Professionalism matters

Greater Kashmir

World over there are organizations to help people in distress, distributer food and relief in times of disasters, and also provide financial assistance to the needy on a regular basis. These philanthropic organizations do huge work in respective spaces, and some of them have even a global presence.  The image of such organizations is that of an honest and efficient functioning. That is the reason they can raise the required funds and distribute them in an efficient manner. Here in Kashmir we have also organizations who have been working in this sector for decades together. One can only praise the effort of the people who are associated with such organizations. Their dedication and their  sacrifice is worth emulating. These organizations have been helping poor, and assisting sick in hospitals and at homes. There are many groups who offers voluntary services in different hospitals in Kashmir. Some pharmacies are also run by these groups where medicine is made available at cheap rates. 

We have seen in the times of disaster, like the floods of 2014 and the current pandemic, how may such organizations came forward and did a commendable job. In the month of Ramadhan these organizations become more active as this is the time Muslim societies spend on others with an enhanced spirit of sacrifice. This is the time when donations are made, and charity is offered in abundance.  At this time it is crucial for such organizations to activate themselves, and do more work than they do routinely. But the success of these organizations is not contingent alone on how much work they do, but on how they do it. The global organizations who work in this space have made a mark only because they act in  a professional manner. Here also these organizations need to professionalize their work. They need to learn about the rules and the legal framework that exists here, and ensure compliance. They need to build the capacities of their volunteers and office bearers. They need to specialise in some areas rather than doing things randomly. A touch of professionalism can make these organizations far more effective than they are right now.