Editorial | Take care of the needy

The spirit of fellow feeling and the passion to rescue others, who are in trouble, is the hallmark of a human society.  We are networked, by virtue of being humans, into one large whole. We cannot be oblivious of the fact that any part of this whole is in distress. This time when the entire world is in a crisis and it has finally fallen to the respective governments to take care of the poor and needy, it is time to realise our own responsibility as the local level. In our own valley, we have had many such occasions when we were faced a situation that disrupted routine, and affected the economic activities severely. In those days also the appeals to help the poorer sections were made and our well to do sections did respond in a significant way. Today it is required more than ever before. This time the nature of the lockdown is such that no economic activity is possible and this has brought the economic engine to a total halt. In this situation where would a daily wage earner go.

Where would a small shopkeeper go who would barely eke out his living. Where would a huge population that would hardly make the ends meet, go. it is such a scenario that brings one to tears. In this situation, as a society, we shouldn’t let them suffer alone. We must share their hardships and try to come to their rescue. But when we are all observing a lockdown how can this be done except at the most basic level of a mohalla.  It is extremely crucial, while we stick to social distancing, we ensure at mohalla level that none sleeps without food. It is our human responsibility. This is an unusual test of our humanity, and we must not fail. And then it is not just food, there are other things that need to be taken care of. We have some sick people who are in need of medicine, and they are not in a position to buy that. This also needs to be taken care of at mohalla level.