Editorial | The air we breathe

Though the global leadership talks about all these matters in a very concerned manner, but not enough is done on ground
Editorial | The air we breathe
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The life on this planet is possible only as long as the conditions necessary for it are available. And the quality of life is contingent on the quality of the ingredients that are needed for the life on this planet. Unfortunately we have done everything to deteriorate the quality of life on this planet. On the one hand the progress in science and technology has made immense contributions to the quality of life. We have many diseases completely eradicated from the planet. There are many deadly diseases that have been controlled, and in case anyone is struck with those diseases we have the treatment available. There are machines and methods that have been invented to trace a disease at its inception, and the disease is treated before it turns dangerous.

This has made human life far more comfortable than it used to be. Similarly the revolutionary strides that the mankind has made in the fields of communication, transportation, agriculture, and constructions have made life easy, secure and enjoyable. We must thank those brilliant minds in the modern world who made it possible for us.  The net effect of this can be seen in the increase in average life expectancy. That is an indicator enough to understand that we have come a long way indeed. But, on the other hand, the elements of greed and negligence have created macro problems for us. The pollution of our water bodies is a huge problem globally. The toxins in our water bodies have dealt a huge blow to our health. The haphazard building up of concrete structures has stolen form us the natural spacing that was so essential to a joyous and healthy life. Our town and city planners never pay heed to it. The levels of pollution in the atmosphere have created serious problems at the global level. The plumes of smoke that go into the atmosphere every second have made the air that we breathe so toxic. Though the global leadership talks about all these matters in a very concerned manner, but not enough is done on ground. The highly industrialised countries, and the economies that matter to the world are yet to fulfil their duties towards creating a planet that is really safe for human life.

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