Editorial | Till it's actually over

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As the hopes for a vaccine were going high the reports from some places have sounded a new alarm; though mild right now. Some new variant of the same virus is posing another challenge at a time when people around the world were cautiously preparing to celebrator the breakthrough that came in the form of a vaccine; this has a potential of dampening all the happiness that we could  have in next some weeks. One can only wish, and pray, that these things don’t pose any formidable challenge, and the process of unrolling the vaccine goes on according to the already envisaged plan, but there are chances that the it might face some hiccups before the problem is really over.  Of hand the need is to take these reports with a calm mind and not be alarmed too much. Because we have seen how in the beginning of the pandemic we made wrong decisions just because we allowed ourselves to be  goaded by the panic that the news of the virus unleashed. We later realised that how that panic-stricken attitude created more problems than it solved. Later we realised our mistakes and did corrections.

Gradually things started falling in place, and the wheels of economy, and of the routine life started moving once again. Though the rolling out of a vaccine doesn’t mean that over night we will be back to the pre-covid times, because the governments around the world will take time to ensure that the vaccine reaches to the entire populations. But meanwhile if there are some new challenges surfacing up we must deal that with composure and wisdom. There is now a year long experience with the administration and also with us as a society. So, we should draw maximum out of that experience, and ensure that there are minimum disruptions in our routine activities. And that primary and fundamental lesson needs repeated rehearsals; wear a mask, wash hands, and stay at safe distance. Even if vaccine reaches us all, and no further hiccups occur, this threefold care has to become a part of our etiquette.