Editorial | Trying out new methods

Greater Kashmir

Novel ideas in the times of novel corona virus, is the way ahead. This is in sync with the human trait of finding a way in wilderness. As thinking beings we cannot wait for the things to change. Sometimes situation demands that minds are pressed into an extraordinary effort to create a change. That is what has been witnessed in these times of pandemic. When the markets were under sever lockdown, we could manage the essentials by making online bookings. When the governments were short of space to manage the covid positive cases, or to timely isolate the incoming people to the valley, the spaces available in hotels and schools were made use of. When schools were closed we found an alternative in the shape of online education. We know all these alternatives are poor substitutes for the normal ways of doing things, but then it allowed us to minimise loss, and to an extent make up for loss. The news story that a teacher has conducted an open air class, taking advantage of the open space available where students can be seated at a good distance, one is amazed at the possibilities of finding alternatives.

It appears as a very simple thing at the face of it, but then it can open up our minds to more sophisticated ways of delivering a range of services. The point is that if there is a will, as the cliche goes, there is a definite way ahead. There is no wall we can’t find  a window in. What matters is our readiness to think, and our passion to try different methods. Since the days of pandemic are far from over, our administration must work hard to give a try to novel ways of restoring, at least a semblance of normality. Different ideas and methods followed by people around the world can be analysed and best practices followed to ease life here in the valley. The devastating effects of the pandemic on economy, on education, on healthcare and all the walks of life, demand a fierce thinking to surmount these effects.