Editorial | Violating the guidelines

Looking at the picture one could only be shocked to see people crowded at a time when the pandemic is refusing to leave us from its claws. And this crowed being at a government, at a a “mega income certificate distribution mela” is even more shocking. On the one hand the government agencies are regularly updating us on the figures related to the covid transmission; how many tests are conducted on a daily basis, how many are tested positive and how many finally lose battle against the virus, and die. These figures show a relentless upward trend, and that entails we are cautious about how me meet people and move around in the public spaces. There is no reason that we should lower our guard and not follow the guidelines. But it is unfortunate that people in many cases are seen very callous in this regard. We have seen how some gatherings, like marriages, have contributed to the spike in the covid positive cases.

In fact government had to appeal and also draw some guidelines in the case of marriages just to prevent large gatherings. But when we see this crowed gathered at a government office premises, it raises serious question about the conduct of the particular office. If, on the one hand, the administration is working hard to fight this pandemic and the health workers have risked their lives to save patients, how grave is the crime of not observing social distancing at a government office. In fact the logic of asking people to gather at an office for any purpose needs to be questioned. At a time when our schools are shut, our markets have remained closed, completely or partially, how can the norms of social distancing be violated in this bizarre and brazen way. The functioning of any government or a private office must be subservient to the guidelines issued by the government; effective measures must be put in place before people are asked to visit the offices for any purpose.