Editorial | Virus mounts another offensive

GK File/Aman Farooq

It has been past few weeks that the world started talking about another wave of the covid pandemic. In this region, South Asia, the statistics show a steep rise in the cases of infected people. The figures of last few days are very alarming. The result of this is that the governments have again started contemplating restrictions so that the contact among people is reduced. There are night curfews announced at places, while as many areas of activity have again been shut down. In Kashmir we have had a particularly unsettling news coming from some schools. The cases of covid infected students, teachers, and non-teaching staff have compelled the authorities to temporarily close the schools. This is really disheartening. The opening up of the schools was done on an experimental basis, and in a very calibrated manner.

The government authorities, and the management of schools did try to strike a balance between the two contrary demands. On the one hand there was a concern about the health of the students. On the other, parents and students wanted to see the gates opend so that the normal schooling was given a chance. All precautions were taken, but as is the nature of the problem, this virus is difficult to be stopped once people gather at a place. Now that restrictions are back, we need not panic, in the first instance. The sane and the sensible response is to take the precautions that we now know for a year or more. The wearing of a mask, washing hands frequently, and ensuring social distance is the golden set of rules that can help us contain this fresh upsurge. We all know that a lockdown like thing is not affordable given the state of economy, so people must ensure, on their own, that they don’t become carriers of this virus. It is for the people to decide what kind of situation they want for themselves up ahead. Since vaccination is already going on, we need to be patient and careful for some more time. These are very crucial days, and our attitude would largely decide the future course of this pandemic.