Editorial|City Public Transport

One of the major concerns in planning of an urban area, particularly some major city, is the public transport. It is crucial to have an efficient public transport system for a city like Srinagar. But unfortunately this city is far behind in having one. And this constitutes one of the major problems for a common man.

A detailed story on this public issue by GK, in its Wednesday issue this week, brings to fore the problems that the people face because of the totally inefficient public transport. A cursory look at the public transport system in the city throws some points to the surface, and all this is too glare to be missed. One, we are short of public transport vehicles and this leaves a large chunk of people stranded for good time every day.

 It not only wastes their time but affects badly their health. Besides it affects those also whose work is tied to these people in the offices, markets, and other places. Two, our vehicles are not comfortable and a ride in them costs in terms of health. Three, there is no fixed time schedule that these vehicles could follow. It is a runaway system that follows no timings. Four, there are no proper bus stops where passengers could wait.

 These vehicles can stop anywhere, even in the middle of a road to fetch a passenger. This way the entire movement of traffic is badly affected. Five, during the school timings many vehicles vanish from the roads to fetch the students.

This creates extra dearth, and that too at peak hour. Fifth, towards the evenings public transport almost disappears from the routes leaving people in a lurch. This has limited the movement of the people in the evenings, hence an adverse effect in the commercial activities.

Given these problems people prefer taking out their private cars even for short distances. This is what causes traffic jams, and burdens the roads and parking lots in the city.

It means administration has an uphill task to provide an efficient public transport system for the city dwellers. It needs an overhaul, as no patchwork would work. Get environment friendly buses for all routes, make them follow a schedule till late in the night, and also a proper mapping of stops.