Editorial|Ensure Quality

Today’s world is all about quality. You have quality food, quality equipment, quality performance in various professions, and also quality systems. Of these systems that govern today’s world, from local to international, the most important one is that of governance. If this matches the standards of quality set by the developed nations the life of people becomes easier, comfortable, and safe.

But unfortunately in our part of the world the system of governance is no where near the standards set by the successful governments around the world. That is the reason why the quality of our services is below standard. The news story that there is “No regulatory body to check quality, price of medical implants in JK”, is very disturbing.

Healthcare is a service that is very crucial. It directly deals with the wellbeing of the people. Any lacuna in this means a direct threat to the lives of the people. We have been battling with the problem of spurious and fake drugs for quite some time now.

There have been umpteen reports about how the sub standard drugs have flooded our markets and how the lives of the ordinary people are being played with. Of the same nature is the problem of this low quality medical implants.

We all know that it is only a severe medical conditions that requires such implants. People spend huge money in getting these implants, and in most of the cases elaborate procedures are performed to fix these implants. Imagine a situation where patients undergo operations, and then a low quality implants is fixed in the human body.

Just after some time the problem surfaces up and the patient has to undergo a fresh procedure. And in all likelihood patient suffers further damage all this while. So it is a pressing requirement that the government ensures a strict quality control on the medical implants available in our markets. Those who resort to wrong practices in this regard need to be severely punished so that they serve as a lesson for others.