Editorial|Food safety concerns

One of the biggest healthcare concerns today, in Kashmir, is the quality of food available in our markets. The food we consume now poses a big threat to our health. It is now a known fact that here in is stationed a huge risk to our health. The deterioration in the quality of the food has brought terrible results to the fore.

This is clearly reflected in the medical studies conducted in our hospitals. All the available data reflect that the rise in dangerous diseases, like cancer, can largely be attributed to the food we consume. In this regard experts have been underlining the implications of the junk and packaged food.

What has also come to the fore is that the things, like spices, pulses, red and white meet, that are available in our markets need a strict vigil. Today we are again confronted by this threatening scenario that adulteration, and other ways of compromising quality, in such items is a real problem.

We regularly come across the news that there are unscrupulous elements operating in our state that are involved in adulteration of food items. This raises an alarm. In many cases good quantities of adulterants were found stocked; these adulterants comprised grass, rice husk, flour, salt, and prohibited colours. Howsoever we later sleep over such matters considering that this could be an isolated case of adulteration.

We know that such things happen in the length and breath of this state. The food items available in our markets pose a threat to our health, and the concerned authorities will have to draw a comprehensive plan to weed out the unwanted elements from the food shelves, in our markets.

How such adulterants find their way into the godowns of food makers, and how it is sold in the market; the entire chain needs to be exposed. Each one in the chain is an offender and deserves severe punishment. A concerted public campaign, involving the concerned government agencies and civil society formations, can be initiated to ensure long term results.