Fighting the pandemic to finish

People should be informed about the vaccination properly and no wrong perception should take hold of their minds
Fighting the pandemic to finish
Health workers during a testing drive at railway station in Jammu. [File: Mir Imran/ GK]

Last year when pandemic made the world to come to a total stop, the quantum of knowledge about the virus, its effects, and the way to handle it, was too less. People said all sorts of things about it, and that resulted into compounding the problem. In fact we later had to coin a term for this – Infodemics. So much was put on the media platforms that it was difficult to sift the authentic from the fabricated. Gradually, the professional knowledge displaced the rumours, and peoples' behaviour towards this pandemic started standardising. Then came the good news of a vaccine being rolled out. Here too the information was so scanty and scattered that a decision to get vaccinated or not, became a very difficult one. People talked so much about the adverse impact of inoculation, and also about the inadequate research having gone into making the vaccine.

There were some serious questions about the capitalistic angle of the manufacturing, and also about the competing national assertions on the manufacturing of a vaccine. Sensing all this the government did try to dispel some wrong perceptions about the vaccine, and  enhanced the belief in a common person about the safety of this vaccine. That was the reason that people started proactively getting vaccinated. But the news about some side effects of the vaccine, which can turn fatal has an unsettling effect if not addressed quickly, and effectively. This is time for the healthcare professionals to follow the post vaccination trends keenly, and not allow the vaccination programme   get adversely impacted.  With a renewed surge in the cases of infection it is extremely important that the vaccination goes on unhindered. As a matter of experience such diseases are only contained by mass vaccination. We have many diseases that ruined millions of lives, but were eliminated, or effectively contained, because of a successful vaccination.  The government agencies must actively follow the vaccination drive, and the researchers need to be facilitated in every possible way to study and address the effects of the vaccine. Meanwhile people should be informed about the vaccination properly and no wrong perception should take hold of their minds.

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