Editorial | For the safety of the region

The recent events have unmistakably exhibited that how delicate and precarious the situation between two neighbours of the sub-continent is. In a way, we missed a full scale war by just a dash.

Luckily, the good sense prevailed and the situation has been for the present, diffused. But it has exposed the true risks involved in the whole thing. Interviews given by a number of people on either side showed that no sane person is interested in a war between the two nuclear equipped countries.

Any hostility can grow out of control and result not only in total destruction of the sub-continent but even South Asia itself with disastrous consequences for the rest of the world. The recent aerial exchange was luckily defused very quickly.

While a number of sane persons were trying their best to defuse the explosive situation, some, unfortunately, were trying to add fuel to the fire. In this situation it is the responsibility of all saner elements to talk in a manner that doesn’t add to he problem. It is true that this region is beset with certain problems, some acute, some chronic, but all of it can be addressed in a manner that doesn’t jeopardize the stability of the region.

It is crucial at this juncture that the state institutions and the leadership of the political parties takes everything into account and approaches this situation in a responsible manner. In the past also there have been instances when it looked that a military confrontation was imminent, but the sagacious leadership worked hard to pull it back from the brink.

It is this character of the leadership that earns them the desired place. One can only hope, and pray, that in this situation also there is no such twist that the region falls into a spiral of crisis. For this, all the countries in the region will have to act responsibly, and also help each other in dispelling this atmosphere of violence.