Hope is not a slender thread

In the most depressing of times, what hold an individual – hope. A deep, pulsating belief that the darkness will dispel, and light will shine. As in case of an individual, so collectives. In the backdrop of this current pandemic, its disastrous consequences for the global economy, its ruinous impact on education, and its catastrophic effect on all the societal interactions, a nagging thought about future – is their a life beyond this pandemic, and how will it look like. Right now even the experts of the respective fields cannot tell us with precision what future holds for us. Great minds on international politics, economy, education, healthcare or sociology can only warn us of the problems that we might face in future. They can suggest alternatives to keep things going. But all this is a hazy picture put on a dimly lit wall. Fact of the matter is that no one knows what everyone wants to know;  when will the pandemic end, and how will life resume as it was before this pandemic. What one should know, and hang on to, is that tomorrow has not died and this is not the end of the road. Our problems will be immense but not insurmountable. But what is required at all levels of human interaction – from local to global – is a reassurance that the tide will finally pass.

Beyond this the governments around the world will have to revisit their strategy of spending too much on warfare and too little on welfare. To this end, at the level of international politics, a peaceful resolution of disputes within a state, or between states, must be preferred over the use of force. Also, the corporate sector will have to undergo a major change on the distribution of resources. Focus on life style, and market oriented spending pattern should now be replaced by values like equity, and needs like security. In our societal relations we need to unburden our minds, and make these relations mutually reassuring and relieving than mutually hostile and entangling. To this end education, and community activism constitute the key. But all this can happen as long as we remain hopeful. Loss of hope renders humans inactive or violent. Both lead to destruction.